Restore the lives of Palestinian Refugees, Restore their futures

Project Overview and Use of Donated Funds:

In response to the escalating violence against Palestinians residents in refugee camps in the West Bank, as the Palestinian people continue to suffer enduring 76 years of occupation, as the “Nakba” is an ongoing crime, which means “catastrophe” in Arabic, refers to the mass displacement and dispossession of Palestinians during the 1948 Arab-Israeli war. Today, we are witnessing Nakba crimes against humanity of Palestinians in Gaza.

We are launching a crowdfunding campaign for urgent humanitarian assistance. This initiative aims to address the acute needs of the Nour Shams Refugee Camp. The campaign seeks to provide essential repairs for buildings and first aid for the residents, emphasising the need for international attention and support to alleviate the overshadowed humanitarian crisis in these areas. By contributing, donor supporters will aid in rebuilding lives and restoring dignity to communities that have shown remarkable resilience, ensuring they receive the necessary support to overcome the challenges they face.


Support the Restoration of Hope: A Campaign for West Bank

Why Now?

A critical moment for Palestinian Refugees for over four generations, Palestinian refugees have been trapped in a cycle of poverty and neglect in the West Bank's refugee camps, a direct aftermath of the Nakba. These camps, characterised by crumbling infrastructure and a lack of basic public services, have become symbols of an ongoing struggle against adversity. Also, there is absence of any solution to the refugee issues in accordance with international resolutions and international law. However, the challenges have dramatically escalated.

The ongoing war on Gaza, paired with a tightening of Israeli occupation policies in the West Bank, has drastically restricted Palestinian movement and livelihood opportunities, exacerbating the plight of the refugees. The refugee camps in the West Bank are living through harsh violent military operations resulting in civilian casualties and the destruction of homes, public infrastructure and dire humanitarian needs. Amidst these atrocities, the urgent need for aid, infrastructure repair and reconstruction in these camps cannot be overstated.

The Shadowed Crisis: Why Refugee Camps in the West Bank Need Our Attention

The humanitarian crisis in the West Bank refugee camps is often overshadowed by larger regional conflicts. Despite the critical situation, the support from international donors, including emergency aid, falls significantly short of meeting the growing needs.



To see the humanitarian crisis in Nour Shams Refugee Camp, please click here


Launching Hope: The Crowdfunding Campaign

In response to this dire situation, OCG, in collaboration with The Palestinian Association for Empowerment and Local Development—REFORM, is initiating a crowdfunding campaign. Our goal is to shine a spotlight on the overlooked crises facing these refugee camps and mobilise much-needed resources for their recovery.

Purpose of Crowdfunding: Urgent Humanitarian Assistance

This campaign seeks to provide rapid and effective humanitarian assistance to the West Bank's refugee camp, particularly those severely affected by recent repeated violent military operations in the camp. By drawing attention to the hardships and resilience of the camps' residents, we aim to elevate awareness of the West Bank's challenges and the root causes of this enduring crisis.


Main Assistance: Rebuilding Lives, Restoring Dignity

Our immediate focus is on repairing damaged homes and ensuring families have access to essential first aid. This includes providing materials for buildings repairs, directly addressing the urgent needs of those affected by violence and neglect. As the situation continues to change from moment to moment, we will ascertain the extent of the damage and the assistance needed, and implement support activities in line with on-site needs.



A Call to Action: Be Part of the Support

By supporting this crowdfunding campaign, you are not just donating to a cause; you are investing in the future of communities that have shown incredible resilience in the face of relentless adversity. Every contribution helps us repair a home, restore a facility and most importantly, rebuild hope in the hearts of those who have endured far too much.

Join us in this critical mission to bring urgent and effective aid to the West Bank's refugee camp. Your support can turn the tide for families who have lost so much, offering them a chance to rebuild and recover with dignity. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of Palestinian refugees, providing them with the assistance they desperately need and the hope they deserve.


Voices from the Camp:



Name: Hisham Al-Fakhoury, Nour Shams Camp, Tulkarem

"The camp is the place that unites us in our love of volunteering, giving, belonging and the people we are accustomed to. We always gather and think together about what we can do to put a smile on the faces of the people in the camp. We want to give each other something, even if it is small, to feel that we have the right to live. At university, I learned about human rights, international law and international agreements and treaties. At first, I loved these topics and felt that they included us. I wanted to continue in this field so I got my master’s degree in Human Rights and International Law. However, what is happening in our camps has nothing to do with what we have learned.

The occupation violated our education and destroyed and disrupted the educational process of thousands of students. It catastrophically impacted public health, causing many diseases for the people of the camp as a result of medical negligence and not allowing medical teams to reach the sick and injured. The infrastructure is destroyed and there is a dangerous mixing of sanitary water with wastewater. The camp has become a war zone and a destroyed square, filled with wastewater and dirt. The streets where we used to do our activities, gather and draw on the camp walls were all destroyed by the occupation, preventing any form of joy and happiness in the camp land."



Introduction of the Team:



Oriental Consultants Global Co., Ltd., is a leading, integrated engineering consulting firm committed to excellence, innovation and sustainability, providing solutions to the most complex challenges and improves the quality of life of people throughout the world. OCG’s mission is to provide a safe and prosperous life to everyone around the world, through enthusiastic pursuit of knowledge and a passion for self-improvement that is present in each and every one of the employees.

Under the Refugee Camp Improvement Project in Palestine (PALCIP) as the technical cooperation project by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), OCG has been engaging advisory services for the Palestinian Liberation Organization/Department of Refugee Affairs (PLO/DoRA) since 2017 to improve refugee camps in the West Bank through capacity development of DoRA and camp communities.



The Palestinian Association for Empowerment and Local Development—REFORM is a Palestinian NGO that strives and works towards a society where everyone has the capacity to participate effectively, where individual and collective rights are respected, and pluralism is ensured in an independent Palestinian state.


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