We started The Palestinian Association for Empowerment and Local Development – REFORM with a simple mission: Provide sustainable interventions for empowering social groups within the Palestinian Society.

We seek to contribute to the formation of a fairer society. where women and youth can take leading roles in public life and governing bodies.

We do what we do to respond to the emerging needs of our target groups. REFORM creates and utilizes alternative mechanisms and operational tools to deliver essential services and materials to those in marginalised communities with little to no access to resources. In partnership with various institutions and civil society organisations, we develop inclusive and interactive strategies to respond to conflict situations and stigmatisation.

Along the same lines, REFORM established interactive platforms to express the needs of citizens in different geographical regions, in an effort to enhance the ability of all Palestinians, especially those living in under-developed areas, to access public services, effectively influence decision-makers and strengthen the responsiveness of policies to their needs.

In addition, REFORM maintained and opened new safe spaces for its target groups to interact and collaborate with one another. These spaces were used to design and organise lobbying campaigns, seeking to restore the democratic process. Thus, our target groups were able to continue to pressure and influence decision-makers to promote social cohesion and combat the political division.

At REFORM, we believe in promoting and practicing the principles and values we believe in most: participation, transparency, accountability and good governance. These are principles that we advocate for across all of our interventions and strategic directions.

As we continue our work, we remain committed in empowering marginalized groups in Palestine in which individual and collective rights are respected.