REFORM's Diversity and Cohesion Programme aims to empower marginalised groups, mainly women and youth, to take active roles in public life. It works to increase social cohesion and solidarity between the different Palestinian social components, specifically focusing on bridging the gap between polarised groups. To do so, participants learn to transform contradictions into shared resources, through a process of reflecting and creatively reframing goals. The Diversity and Cohesion Programme teaches participants and community members to deal with differences. The participants learn to at least see the value of listening to voices that do not necessarily represent their own views. It contributes to promoting an agenda of national harmony through the establishment of safe acting platforms, which encourage broad-based participation grounded in the principle of intellectual pluralism.
REFORM also teaches participants how to apply practical research methodologies in order to address conflict situations within Palestinian society. These methodologies focus on finding common ground between the polarising groups. Over the years, REFORM has conducted social transformation training programmes using its “Facilitating Reform” methodology. This methodology contributes to empowering women and youth groups and strengthening the coordination between different social groups to take a more active role in public life, thus improving social harmony. In addition, the methodology seeks to create an integrative climate amongst Palestinian citizens, enabling them to work together towards developing social systems and frameworks that are responsive to their needs, rights, visions and goals.
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